California Homes and You...: Foreclosure versus Short Sales in 2013

Foreclosure versus Short Sales in 2013

No need to fear foreclosure but you need to be prepared if you know that you may be losing you job or some other hardship event that may or could happen this year.


It is important that you research as much information as you possibly can regarding foreclosure versus short sales and find as many helpful hints and tips that you can. This could end up being a life saver for you and your family. In today’s time’s foreclosures and short sales, isn’t just something that happens to people that get in over their head or that they just don’t care about paying their bills. It can happen to anybody due to event in life that are unforeseen and that cause a hardship for you and your family so that you aren’t able to make the payments.


Reports of foreclosures by the millions have been in the news so much over the last year that you may start to think there has been a paradigm shift. 


But as a real estate professional that treats each and every customer who is financially stressed with respect and compassion, it never for a second feels to me like business-as-usual.


The idea of a family losing their home has to be in the top running life events such as the loss of a job, a death of a loved one, and  divorce.


Unfortunately, the first stage of a major life event such as these is denial, and that’s even more the case when the threat of foreclosure is looming.  Often pride will overcome common sense and the individual will not seek out help or advice, seems no one wants to talk about financial situations —even when in today’s times 1 out of 6 people in their neighborhood sold their home in a short sale situation or worse had their home foreclosed on.  It’s completely understandable, but for homeowners who are behind on mortgage payments, quick action is necessary toward ensuring the best possible solution.


If you or someone you care about would like to find out all the options that are available in today’s market, please call me or pass along my contact information to them.




Comment balloon 1 commentRay A. Lopez • January 15 2013 09:08PM


Great post Ray. I think there are a lot of home owners who don't know where to start or how to get help.

Posted by Wika Hutchinson, Broker, CRIS, SFR, CDPE over 6 years ago